An overview of subscription plans

                                                                      Free Starter Pro
Commissioning & Remote use KNX
Maintenance & Commissioning of HVAC KNX
Advanced Maintenance & Monitoring and Energy Optimization
KNX IoT Router
Automatic connection to your Cloud space
Remote ETS parameterization via VPN connection
Maximum duration of a VPN connection
Duration of communication with VPN before disconnection (for the free version, you can stay connected for 1 hour before an automatic disconnection. You can then restart the procedure to establish a new secure connection)

1 hour
12 p.m.
Home automation centre
API development space and libraries
Data logging and monitoring
KNX bus voltage and connection supervision
Predictive failure detection and logging over the subscribed period
Creation of curves from cloud values over the subscribed period

Subscribed period: see Data retention

1 month rolling
4 months rolling
12 rolling months, beyond average daily values retained
Cloud group addresses
Number of clouded group addresses, beyond 2000 addresses contact us

Up to 50
Up to 500
Up to 2000

Duration of service
Indicates the duration of the service: 3 months offered for the free version and 1 month / 12 months to renew for subscriptions

3 months
1 month /12 months (renewable)
1 month /12 months (renewable)